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Ball State

Ball State university

Muncie, IN

The students at Ball State know how to party, and make no apologies for doing so. Many of the students are members of the Greek letter organizations on campus. Thetruthofthings is that you either want to be a part of one, friends with someone who is in one, or be over 21. There are a bunch of bars nearby that you can go to if you’re of legal age. Underclassmen who are looking for a social night out need to find house parties; if they don’t have any interest in mixing it up with fraternities and sororities.TheFootballteam at Ball State is surprisingly good, and the source of , more than a few, long Saturdays of drinking and football.

Mascot: Charlie

Party Grade: B+

Undergrads: 16,652

Guys: 52%

Girls: 48%

Ball State Greek Life: Yes, Greek life is present and kind of…a big deal.

Bars/Hangouts at Ball State:

Locker Room

Dill Street

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