BangOn! Frequency Review | Brooklyn Warehouse Spring Kickoff Event

BangOn!, a team that promotes warehouse events in the underground Brooklyn party scene, *threw* the grandiose kind of event that has yet to be topped this initial spring season. With the type of production quality that was exhibited Saturday , the question remains ” who is on the level of BangOn! “? Teams from all over Brooklyn are competing for the promotional spotlight as the party season begins. Teams such as Recontrvct ( yes there is a “V” instead of a “U”) and BangOn! are mega teams with heavy promotional fire power.

The BangOn! season starter, Frequency, was without question a “great party”. The DJs were great, the sound quality was spectacular and the production was no less than stellar. With a fantasy like fire breather, zip liners “zipping” overhead and aerialists twirling in their heavenly cloths, one can only marvel at the visuals the BangOn! crew provided. The location was also prime. The rager was housed in a vast warehouse located in a secret area only ticket holders were notified of an hour before the party. What was more enchanting and engaging than production was the sound quality. The venue carried the sound waves in a fashion that even the mostcriticalof audiophiles would respect and enjoy.

Frequency was a great event, however there were some negatives. There was a no re-entry policy even if you had the provided wristband on. Personally, I had to make a phone call but could not due to the loud noise and no re-entry policy. Another negative was the cash-only policy for the bar. Partiers were unable to use credit card and were subjected to ATMs that failed to dish out cash later on in the night.

Understandably, secret warehouse party promoters might not want to accept credit cards for tax reasons and the no re-entry policy is a good way to keep the crowd under control. However, if the BangOn! group found a way to turn these negatives into positives they could easily take over the Brooklyn party scene.

bangOn aerialist

The BangON! Frequency party rating : 8/10

Positives –

(+) Great sound that audiophiles would love

(+) Production was amazing (aerialist, zip liners and great DJs)

(+) Secret location gave an enchanting feel that real partiers would respect

(+) Fire Breather was awesome


Negatives –

(-) No re-entry

(-) Cash only bar and All ATMs ran out of money; no back up ATMs

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