Bar Specials

Bar specialOne of the most difficult parts of being a college student, or young professional branching out into society, is acclimating yourself to your new surroundings. Of course with new surroundings comes newfriends, new social circles, and an entirely new area to explore. College students often stay close to campus for their nightlife activities, being unaware of all the nightlife activities available to them. The issue that occurs with this is that they end up falling into a routine due to the busy lifestyles these individuals lead. Thankfully, is attempting to take on the responsiblity of finding bar specials, concerts, andhouseparties so that they can focus on the many other activities life throws at them. No one wants to be responsible for deciding which bar everyone goes to after work, or go through the monotonous task of searching through every bar’s website trying to find a bar special for the night that won’t “break the bank”. is here to help you party hop…especially on nights when it seems like nothing happening. The site, which debuted in Syracuse earlier this year is already expanding its reach and has bar spe

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