Simple Ways to become popular in college

Being a socialite is frowned upon in many circles of society. However being known as “the guy” (or gal) in college is the objective of many students. If it was hard for you to make friends in high school, now is the time to open up from your shell.
Don’t be afraid of becoming more social because there is a circle of people who are either just like you or can accept you despite the rest of the world usually shunning you.

College is no place to be a cave hermit. These days networking is extremely important and you can’t network if your always by yourself. You never know, the world may have use of your sagely ways (if your knowledge of anime deems you a sage).
Although being popular is probably more foreign to you than Ancient Greek mythology, popularity can prove to be much more useful than the old western beliefs. Renown breeds opportunity; if you have a good name, there will chances to make it even better especially in college.


The first step in increasing your popularity is to become more tolerant. Popular people are able to get along with a wide variety of people from varying backgrounds and beliefs. People willlikeyou more if you can accept their ideas, even if you don’t believe in them. It’s hard to get along with someone who always feels their way is the only way. No one has all the answers in life and if you did, you wouldn’t be on track to be a fifth year senior.

Another key to popularity is the ability to be inviting. If you have a mean mug on your face 24/7 of course on one will want to talk to you. Maintain a pleasant demeanor by smiling and making eye contact. It may be hard to be the type of person that others are drawn to at first, but with enough practice anyone could do it.

Become involved! Join a student organization, ask around first, see what organizations are cool, what people are involved in. Find something you would enjoy and join a club, organization, fraternity, or sorority. Joining a good active organization, will allow you to meet the more important “active” students on campus.

Your personal hygiene and appearance are also vital in becoming a big dog on campus. If you look good and smell good, chances are you’ll feel good. People who feel good usually have a lot of confidence. Both women and men respond well to confidence (in the appropriate amount). I’m not saying that you have to be one of the more stylish people on campus, but people will judge you off your appearance. While smelling good is a simple enough task, it can go a long way in increasing public perception because a person who has a pleasant body odor creates only positive feedback from peers.