I think everyone would agree that no two colleges are alike when it comes to partying. Each school has it’s own culture when it comes to the consumption of alcohol. Its not uncommon for the social lifeofacity school to revolve around college bars, while in more rural or suburban areas, you’d expect to be partying with a group of Kappa Phi Tau Omega something or others. I have to admit I’m not the expert on the world of fraternity houses, its all greek to me. But regardless of the subtle differences and quirks each region there is one transcendent feature that warrants the same smile and nod, no matter where you go. Yes my friends I’m talking about Beer pong.

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Its a game so universal that the first time I played it was not even in this country of ours, but in a back yard in amsterdam. Its good to know that america has other successful exports other than weapons and shitty movies. Beer pong is so commonly practiced that most college students would probably choose to minor in it, were that a legitimate option. But even something as simple as throwing a 3-inch plastic ping pong ball into a redplastic cup has it’s own differences depending on where you play.

So lets talk about some interesting rules that you might want to try out the next time you and your friends get together.

Lets sta



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