Beer Pong 101 | How to Play Beer Pong

I think everyone would agree that no two colleges are alike when it comes to partying. Each school has it’s own culture when it comes to the consumption of alcohol. Its not uncommon for the social lifeofacity school to revolve around college bars, while in more rural or suburban areas, you’d expect to be partying with a group of Kappa Phi Tau Omega something or others. I have to admit I’m not the expert on the world of fraternity houses, its all greek to me. But regardless of the subtle differences and quirks each region there is one transcendent feature that warrants the same smile and nod, no matter where you go. Yes my friends I’m talking about Beer pong.

Its a game so universal that the first time I played it was not even in this country of ours, but in a back yard in amsterdam. Its good to know that america has other successful exports other than weapons and shitty movies. Beer pong is so commonly practiced that most college students would probably choose to minor in it, were that a legitimate option. But even something as simple as throwing a 3-inch plastic ping pong ball into a red
plastic cup has it’s own differences depending on where you play.

So lets talk about some interesting rules that you might want to try out the next time you and your friends get together.

Lets start with the most common ones, keep in mind that you’ll see these mixed and matched depending on where you play.


One ball in one cup= drink. Simple enough, right?


Bounce a ball on a table and if it lands in a cup it counts as two. The same goes for ceilings and walls, and if your feeling squirly, the furniture. But if you do end up bouncing it be prepared for your opponent to catch or swat the ball out of the air, because its fair game at that point.


NBA Jam Make a cup during two consecutive turns– you’re “Heating up”; three times in a row and you’re on fire and you can shoot til’ ya miss.

Depending on if you’re playing 6 or 10 cup you get one or two “Re-Racks” where you can re arrange the cups on the table that you’re shooting at.


If you’re shooting at the last cup, its usually assumed that you get a Gentlemen’s Rack, where the final cup is centered for you.

After all, the last cup is hard enough to hit when you’ve been playing for hours on end. (You have to be winning for that to be an argument.)

Now lets get a little more advanced.


If you see a cup sitting by its lonesome, feel free to shoot at it and call “Island”, if you make it you knock out 2 cups. I cant tell you how many games i’ve seen change quickly by someone’s partner setting up the island shot and making it to get balls back. The fun things about these two rules is they force you to approach each game differently.

Do you aim for the corner
cups to make your life easier, or do you try and tee up the island shot? You also have to think about when to use youre Re-Rack carefully. Too soon and you loose your island option, too late and you’ve left yourself with an uphill battle. Who knew that getting wasted required so much strategy?

Now for the Fun Rules.

Anyone who cant make a single cup in beer pong should feel somewhat embarrassed. If a team goes an entire game without making a single cup then the room will start
chanting “NAKED LAP”. How naked you need to get, and how far you need to run is dependent on how drunk everyone else is.

The beauty of beer pong is that even when you loose you at pong, everyone wins! It’s a game where you get punished by drinking more beer. And even when you get naked lapped, every girl at the party just cheered and watched you run around in your birthday suit. It takes some real cahones to run around naked in the snow with everyone watching. Even this grand failure has given you the perfect conversation topic with evrey girl at the party, as long as you take your punishment with a smile and good spirit(s). Unless, of course, you arethe only one who didn’t make a cup, in which case you get to be the troll. NOT SOMETHING YOU WANT!

Getting naked lapped is one thing. But letting your partner down is another. There is no silver lining with this rule. You messed up now under the table with you. If you don’t make a single cup and loose but your partner carried the team, well you sit under the table for the next game. Other variations of this rule include wearing a bag on your head with the word troll on it. It’s perfectly acceptable to throw empty beer cans at the troll and mess with him. Alternatively if the loosing team gets naked lapped and pussy out then they can opt into this much less fun punishment.

If you put enough creative intelligent people together with a beer pong table you are bound to encounter some more interesting rules. In the end this is the beauty of the game. It allows endless possibilities to accommodate the consumption of shitty beer. These are only some of the interesting rules i’ve come across in my party travels, and I’m sure there are countless more I haven’t covered. Hopefully I will have given you party-goers some new things to try out. Let me know if there are any other rules I haven’t mentioned in the comments section below. And always remember. Party hard.

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