Beer Pong Master Is (Probably) The Best Bar Game Ever!

Have you ever been out to a bar, for a night of heavy drinking with friends, and found yourself wondering, “where’s the beer pong table?” Well, it’s all good, the (most likely) “bros” at Baytek Gameshavecreated Beer Pong Master! This arcade game doesn’t, exactly, capture all the fun of staring into your enemy’s eyes as you serve them beer-after-beer via Ping pong ball. However, it does allow you to showcase all those skills you picked up in college, but are frowned upon by your less party-oriented friends.

None of the cups have beer in them, however, I am sure that anyone interestedinplaying Beer Pong Master can figure out a way to make this a drinking game!Beer Pong Master 


A few highlights from the game:

Swipe your credit card OR Insert a coin

Choose between 1 – 4 players

All 10 cups begin completely lit at the start of the timer (once your first ball hits any cup, the timer starts)

When you make a cup the corresponding light goes out.

The game ends when your time expires, or you have made all the cups.

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