Bill Belichik Damn Near Made Out With His Daughter During SuperBowl XLIX Celebration!!

There’s nothing like winning the Super Bowl, just ask the New England Patriots. After overcoming weeks of scandal related questions about who’s balls did or didn’t have the right amount of air, they managed to beat the Seattle Seahawks. They secured their 4th title in the Tom Brady / Bill Belichik Era.

BUT…maybe it does get a little boring the fourth time around. I get it, you’ve been there before so you wanna bring a new experience to the big game. You’re running around hugging everyone in sight, the crowd is screaming as the confetti pours down, and then you have a quick middle-school style make-out session with you daughter.

Okay, maybe not that last part…for most of us. Bill Belichik however got caught on camera kissing his daughter like she’s his “ride or die” chick.

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Easy there Bill, we know you make the rules but maybe we save that level of affection for the Christmas party? Or is that just something people do in New England?

It looks creepy but he’s probably just draining her life force so that he can keep coaching the Pats for a few more years.