Bitcoin will go to $1 million | Invest in Crowdsourced “Bitcoin Startups”

Bitcoin indigogo

As it seems you might not need a job after college and all your loans might be easy to pay if you invest in a crowd sourced Bitcoin mining business that will give you a Bitcoin or residual Bitcoin income before or after graduation.

Jeff Berwick, a RICH angel investor and founder of the bitcoin ATM, a guy who has made millions off Bitcoin, talks about his life in Acapulco and how he prefers pretty much anywhere outside of the US. The Silk Road was shut down but the darknet and bitcoin cannot be shut down. Jeff sees a great future in Bitcoin and thinks now is great time to get in on crowd sourced bitcoin startups so that you will have options if there are currency controls and you do not have access to your bank account.

If you want to get into Bitcoin easily or you want to have some equity in a crowd sourced Bitcoin start up , visit this indigogo campaign that will give you ” a special gift” ( you all know what it is) if you donate.

You would honestly be stupid not to get in on this campaign. Bitcoin is going to be more disruptive than the internet itself.