BKWRHS Party With Chris Liebing & Tommy Four Seven | Review

Chris Liebing, BKWRHS, Fiesta Frog, Review, RPM Presents, Pacha

As part of Pier of Fear 2013, BKWRHS recently held an 11-hour party featuring Tommy Four-Seven and Chris Liebing. The venue was kept a secret until a few hours before the party was set to start. Ultimately, the show was held in the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn. The warehouse venue, in conjunction with the last minute location notice, added to the “underground” vibe that we believe the party’s promoters were aiming for. For the fans who made their way from other boroughs, and from outside New York City, the trip into Brooklyn would certainly be worthwhile!

Tommy Four Seven, BKWRHS, Pacha, RPM Presents, Fiesta Frog, Review


The crowd of masked party-goers, already in their outfits for Halloween, were warmed up, as they entered the BKWRHS venue, by tunes from two of New York City’s most popular local DJs; The Beat Bros. They would soon be handed over to Tommy Four Seven; he would go on to spin his signature style, a wonderful mix of trippy techno music–that would make you feel like you were on the front-side of an acid trip– combined with gritty bass that rocked the entire venue. Tommy Four Seven managed to control the crowd with an ease that comes to very few DJs, even when his transitions seemed like a random combination of sounds, he managed to do so without losing members of the audience that were dancing through the entire set.


Chris Liebing made his way to the stage, at a time when almost every venue in New York City had already called it quits for the night, around 5 am! He managed to construct the perfect long set, which he used to keep the crowd going despite the early-morning. His set would run well into Sunday morning–you could go straight from the venue to Brunch…if that’s your thing. Chris Liebing wields the long set the way an artist uses a paintbrush; you never know what exactly he intends to paint, but, simply, being along for the journey enriches your experience.

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