Black Bear Saloon | Pace University Parties

The bars by Pace University were “aaight” . The “Black Bear Saloon” was the first destination and trust me, we were not far from theother bars. This bar had a connective cooridoor that lead intoanotherhalf, that was packed with beautiful women and games. The prices were ridiculous and the choice of music was average. I remember spending 5-6 dollars for a coors light, which cost about 3-4 dollars at chucks bar (Syracuse NY). The bar tenders were friendly and very attentive to the needs of the college partiers and local drinkers. I personally enjoy barsthatfacilitate beer pong and other drinking games. None of the bars in this area had any bars that hosted drinking events, so that was a negative point. However, I did have a great time and I enjoyed my time. After all, it was just a Thursday .Pros+ Good bartenders
+ A lot of beautiful girls
+ Late closing time
+ Televisions all over the place
+ Drinks had a lot of alcohol in them


– Too strict with identification checking
– Ridiculous prices
– Average music

Score : 6.0/10

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