Black Cat Puts Crying Baby To Sleep, Kisses Forehead | #FunnyAnimals

Cat Nanny

Just in time for Halloween, we have proof that black cats, really are, magical creatures. Either that, or Cat Nanny, that’s what I’ve named it, is a master of pressure points! The baby in this videowon’tstopcryingand the parents aren’t rushing over, so Cat Nanny intervenes by patting the baby on it’s head until he/she falls asleep. It’s, a little, ridiculous how quickly this black cat manages to puts the baby down. It seems like this is a common occurrence because no one comes to check on the baby and they leave the cat to do all the work. Cat Nanny getsalittle creepy after the baby falls asleep, the black cat continues to lick / paw at the baby’s head while it sleeps. Then again, whose babysitters isn’t do strange things while you sleep?

Black Cat Soothes Crying Baby To Sleep, Kisses Forehead