Blue Mountain State Is Getting A Movie…Maybe…But Probably

If Blue Mountain State was a real school, it would easily be #1 on our top party schools list. It’s not, but maybe we’ll get a chance to pretend.

Marathon Mondays are coming back bro beans! According to tweets from series c0-creator, Chris Romano , there are plans to launch a kickstarter to fund a Blue Mountain State movie!

I’m excited for all the day-drinking, trickle down banging, and NCAA violations that will probably take place in the first few minutes of a BMS movie. Let’s be honest, BMS the movie will get funded –there’s WAY too many fans of the show for it to not. If Veronica Mars can get a movie, the Goats deserve a trilogy.

Thad Castle even dropped by Jimmy Kimmel to tell fans about the Kickstarter which begins April 15.

Go Goats!

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