Boston Bar Special

boston bar specialBoston is one of the few places where finding a good bar special to boost your evening is very easy to do. Boston is always teeming with events going on at the local pubs which revolve around the Celtics in the Winter, and the Red Sox in the Summer. This healthy link to sports comes in handy all the time when visiting Boston bar specials. Many of these bar specials occur during game hours, so that the people who could not make it to the game can still enjoy themselves in a similar atmosphere. This remains one of the reasons Boston’s nightlife is a unique experience for everyone.

Another benefit which patrons of Boston’s bars can appreciate is how convenient it is for everyone to commute between multiple bars. The Boston Circle is wonderful for this because you can catch a game at Fenway, and then you are only a few steps away from finding a bar to enjoy a win, or drink a few to forget a loss. works really well in this type of environment because the site find events which are going on within the defined zip code radius. By doing this, it allows the users to move around from one event to another based on how much they are enjoying themselves. With all the bars being relatively close to one another, this helps if a user finds another event or bar special they wish to check out. They can easily navigate from one bar to the next using both the website, and Boston’s convenient locations. assists its users by not only displaying events while they are occurring, but also having them up and visible all day long. This way users can make their plans to take advantage of a bar special when they head out to lunch. They can also use this advantage to choose what places they want to visit after work, or come check out places to take a date that night. is useful to everyone who is in a new or unfamiliar city, but it is certainly useful for people who have lived there for their entire lives. I use it most frequently when I am visiting friends and we are not completely familiar with the area. Most of my other friends just use it to keep track of their local bar specials, so that they know what’s going on every night. So sign up today, and party hop, with the rest of us, tonight!