Boston House Parties

boston-house-partyOne of the most impressive places to attend a house party is in Boston. A typical Boston house party is not something that everyone is ready for. The first time I went to one, I was very surprised at not only the large house which the party was being held in, but how willing the people who were throwing the house party were to let anyone in. Many of the times when you find house parties being thrown, the hosts are trying to keep the event exclusive. The particular party I ended up at, was being thrown at a house that a“friend of a friend” had rented for the summer.This Boston house party took on the form that most summer parties do, a barbeque! Half the people were outside surrounding the grill, the rest were scattered around the interior of the house dancing and mingling with one another. I would never have known that this party was going on if it was not for my friends telling me to sign up to On this website I found out about all of the bar specials going on near me. I decided that I was not in the mood to go out to a bar that night and started talking to the few people on the site. This culminated in one of my followers informing me of a party going on that night.

Before this experience, I would never have thought that I could find a website to help me locate events for every night of the week. However, I now know that no matter what type of night life activity that I look for, will help me find it! Either through their own database of events, or by me interacting with the other members on the site in my area. This puts me in contact with many other fun-loving people who just want to know what is going on around them. Having this kind of access to other people who do not want to be bored gives a unique experience to social networking. Users of are on the site to find activities to enhance their night, instead of spending it all at the computer. I regularly use to find local house parties in Boston, and New York City when I visit. It really is a SOCIAL media website where anyone can sign up, and then find something to do quickly.