Boston Night Club

Boston Night ClubIt is pretty rare for me to make an attempt at going out to a night club, no matter where I am. It is especially rare or me to be making an attempt to find a boston night club. I never really visit Bostonandwhen I do, my plans are usually filled up visiting friends and going to baseball games. However, one night I found myself in Framingham, after helping my best friend move into his new place. It was late so we made a trip out to a local bar to “just grab a drink”.

Within an hour of being at the bar, we had already made friends with two women who were visiting from Kansas. Then I hear the words I had been dreading the entire night, “I wanna go dancing!”. I figured that I could escape from this situation by telling the truth, “I know absolutely nothing about Boston nightclubs” I yelled to everyone within earshot. My friend, Sean, decided that this absolutely would not do. Within a few second he had his smartphone out and was telling everyone about some website he was going to use to find out what was going on in the area, and find a few places where we could go dancing.

<p dir="ltr”>The website he was using is called He plugged our zip code into the website and found lots of events going on that night. He looked through the specials and events to find out which places were closest and which ones were night clubs for dancing. We ended up finding our way to one of Boston’s most interesting nightclubs, appropriately named, Cure Lounge. Once we entered the nightclub we all knew that this was exactly the place everyone wanted to be. Everywhere we looked we could see people dancing and having fun, everyone appeared to genuinely be enjoying themselves, we decided to stop “people watching” and join in on the fun.

After thirty minutes, Sean taps me on the shoulder to inform me that he’s heading to another nightclub he found, with the two girls. I decided that I should spend the rest of my night back at the hotel to have any chance of being able to make my train in the morning. After this last experience, I can happily say that i will be back in Boston to visit more of the nightclubs, and I am certainly going to use whenever I want to go out!