Boston Nightlife | The Night I Learned to “Like”

Dear Fellow Party-hoppers,

Boston nightlifeThe very first thing I have to get out of the way is that Boston nightlife is not something I thought I could enjoy so much. It was my first week in this new city, havingmovedhere for a summer internship, and I had no idea what to expect from my new surroundings. The instant I had my first Friday night to plan, I began asking my relatives what activities there are in Boston for a twenty-one year old. Unfortunately, I was staying with my uncle who hadn’t been out socially in years. My younger cousin advised me that Ishould check out some of the bars in the city, but he could only really suggest this because he was not old enough to go to bars yet.

Fast forward to me clicking around on the internet to try and find out what the closest places were and if I could find out more about Boston nightlife in general, I might as well considering that I’m going to be here all Summer. So I finally see something that looks like it could be promising, The name is honestly what made me stop to reconsider clicking on the link which assured me that this “fiesta frog” wanted to help me find out about all the house parties, bar specials, nightclub, and concert events going on in Boston. If this website couldn’t help my quest to master Boston’s nightlife, there did not seem like much else to help me.

I took the simple sign-up route and just connected with Facebook. Within minutes I was inputting my uncle’s zip code into’s appropriate search bar. The next thing which happened actually surprised me, without having added any of my friends yet I saw several bar special going on just up the street from where I was staying. I clicked the “like” button on the event and headed out the door to try my first Boston nightlife outing, it was only a tuesday night.

As I made my way up the street to Sunset Grill & Tap, I felt my cell phone vibrating in my pocket. I answered the phone, surprised that a friend from high school was calling me at this moment. He told me that he saw from my Fiesta Frog link on Facebook that I was coming to “Stump Night”, the bar trivia special I had found. He reminded me that he went to BU, and that he was in Boston for the summer as well. I met up with him there and because of this met a ton of cute girls! Not bad for a Tuesday Boston, not bad at all.

So, be one step ahead of me friends, sign up to NOW! Make sure you know what’s going on every night of the week, and take advantage of everything your city has to offer. I’m not saying everyone is going to reconnect with an old friend by using this site, but I did and I probably never would have if I had not used it to plan my night.

Still Partying,
A Tuesday Night In Boston