How to Bring a Girl Home from the Party | The Simple Basics

Getting wasted and bringing home a decent girl ( not your parent’s house, but your dorm lol ) is probably the point of going to a college party, at least for guys. It is an art, a science and requiresconfidenceand practice to do so. It comes natural to some and is rocket science to others. Even some of the most handsome of men are unable to seal the deal due to their self confidence issues. However, that goes the same for the over confident wanna be winner, that just turns all the females off. So don’t worry about your looks butworryabout your game. However, there is more to the game then self confidence . Check out these tips to fix up your game and hopefully score you some points!

  1. Treat her respectfully and make her feel comfortable around you. Dance with her and don’t try to keep kissing her until she wants you to dude! Don’t over do it.
  2. Don’t try to take her home unless she gives you that signal bro. If she has been making out with you all night then yeah, try. If she has been denying your kisses, just take her number down and hit her up later.
  3. Tell her you have drinks and friends chilling at the crib. It works, but don’t lie, because that will cause a disaster. She will slander your name if your messing with the wrong chick.
  4. Don’t try and force liquor down her throat dude. Don’t try and get her drunk. Trying to seduce a girl while she is drunk isn’t cool. If she doesn’t want to drink, then fuck it bro, thats more for you . Sober girls are better anyways. Besides, females have a sixth sense in catching creeps in the act. They know when you are trying to get them drunk.
  5. Offer to walk her home. If she has been making out with you and staying with you that whole night chances are she will be down for you to walk her home. She might let you in bro :) .
  6. If she has friends, invite her AND her friends over for some drinks. Invite some of your friends also to keep these girls some company. This gives the girl an incentive to come over. Besides, she will feel much safer and more inclined to come over if her friends are coming also. Work on your own turf , it will be much easier for you to work your magic.
  7. If you get denied, its ok…like Jay-Z says ,“ on to the next one”. Don’t beg please. If you do beg , please read the blog post on “ How to be a Man”.
  8. Girls like guys that know how to have fun and that are having fun. Don’t be the guy in the corner just scanning the party and being a stalker. Have fun, mix in and then attack the prey .

Its not always easy to bring home a girl, but it is definitely a fun process. If you don’t finish the mission one night, there are many other nights. If you didn’t bring home the girl you want, don’t worry, there is a better girl out there that will allow you to bring her to your bed. There will be many more parties and many more girls to choose from, so don’t go crazy. Don’t resort to ruffies. YOU ARE A SKUM BAG IF YOU DRUG PEOPLE OR ARE THINKING OF USING RUFFIES TO GET WHAT YOU WANT!!!

Follow these tips, and work on your game. If you are reading this, you probably need the help. Do you have any tips ?

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