Bringing Back The House Party Scene | Syracuse University

Syracuse is climbing up the ranks to be the Number 1 party school. However, within the last two years the house party scene has seemed to die down and so did a slew of long drunken traditions. My freshmenyear in 09′ made today’s parties seem amateur. It was for those who didn’t go to frats or get into them have a chance to rage and go to themed parties on their own. However, instead of making better parties people started throw the same parties to make money or go to the bars to drink. THIS IS COLLEGE, I have therestof my life to “hit the bars”. Seems like eveytime I see people leave from a party and ask how was it, the answer most commonly heard is “Fuck that I’m going to the bars, can’t believe I payed 5 beans for that shit!” .Personally,I don’t believe those who walk away from crowds of people and hear music blasting , chance are they are sober. I of course check it out first before i make the call to leave. I walk into these parties and not even five minutes later, I am on to next one.We all know the parties that I’m talking about here. The simple two story parties where the keg is tapped and its only 11. The house is so crowded your sweating your balls off in the middle of a traffic jam on the steps because some WGW girl slipped down the steps and can’t get up. The restof the party is surrounds 1 or 2 Beruittables(No

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