British Man Arrested After Marijuana Delivery Arrived During Drug Raid

And the award for worst timing of a drug delivery goes to, 23-year old, Kyle Morgan! According to reports from the Daily News, police began monitoring his house after intercepting a package containing 3-ounces of weed that was to be delivered to his house. They watched his home because the package had was labeled for delivery for someone named “Jake”.

In October 2013, police raided his home and found $13 worth of weed. It seemed like he would escape prosecution, and then the worst thing that could’ve happen…did. As police carried out the drug bust on his home, another package labeled for delivery to “Jake” arrived at his house. The parcel contained $1,600 worth of marijuana. Morgan was arrested and plead guilty to evading the prohibition on the importation of legal drugs. His sentence, he had to turn over the money from drug sales ($1,800) and complete a year of community service.