Broccoli of the Bedroom: Sex Is Just As Healthy

So apparently all those years I spent eating broccoli on the advice of my mother, I couldhave just been having sex. There is a small group of studies which claim that sex is just as good for a human being’s health as vitamin D and broccoli. I’m pretty amazed by this finding given the emphasis parents place on eating your veggies. Maybe on the way out the door parents are gonna say ” Hey, don’t forget to put out tonight!” Well maybe not, but it’s nice to dream. Sex helps people burn calories,reducestress, strengthen blood vessels, ease depression, improves sleep, lowers the risk of prostate and breast cancer, and it even boost the immune system.Weight loss: Sex only burns about 5 calories a minute, which means it would take twelve hours to loose one pound, but wouldn’t it be the most fun you ever had losing a pound?
Better sleep: That exhausted feelingyou
have after sex is actually two chemicals (oxytocin and prolactin) being elevated, which makes us feel tired and satisfied…especially men.

Stress: The hormones which rush through your body during sex improves your mood and manages your stress level for days.

Heart: Sex raises the heart rate to about as high as someone climbing two flights of stairs.

There seems to be many benefits to sex, but I’m the kind of guy who likes to compound my good luck. I’m gonna get caught chewing some broccoli during sex, although you shouldn’t eat food in bed. Of course the benefits that each offers is really small, so pretty much only the vegetarian Playboy Bunnies are getting the best benefits from the two. As a matter of fact, I guess this is also an interesting sidebar for hitting on vegetarians…I’m gonna go try it out!