Brooklyn DA Decriminalizes Marijuana Possession, Police Vow to Still Be Dicks About It


How much weed can you get caught with in Brooklyn and have your case dismissed? 25 grams, as of yesterday!

In a release yesterday, the Brooklyn DA’s office instituted a new policy that they believe to be ” a reasonable response to the thousands of low-level marijuana arrests that weigh down the criminal justice system”. With the new stance, if you’re caught with under 25 grams of weed then you case will be dismissed prior to arraignment.

DA Ken Thompson hopes that the new policy will open up “significant resources that could be redirected to more serious crimes” because ” these cases are ultimately—and predictably—dismissed, the burdens that they pose on the system and the individual are difficult to justify. We are pouring money into an endeavor that produces no public safety benefit.”

When asked by Capital New York, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said that the Brooklyn DA’s change in policy “will not result in any changes” as far as his officers handling of marijuana arrests. I guess he’s fine with the his officers wasting time on pointless arrests. It’s probably good for the numbers.

Anyone arrested for low-level marijuana possession will be continue to be processed at central booking, after first being taken to their local precint. Violent offenders, gang members, anyone that has open warrants, or if you’re caught smoking weed in public. Minors will be referred to a diversion program.

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