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Bucknell University
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Bucknell is a private university located next to the West Branch Susquehanna River. There is always something going on at Bucknell, from downtown to thefrathousesuphill. Around the end of March, the annual House Party Weekend gets under way. Hosted by the fraternities, these parties have live bands, DJs and other activities that will rock your socks off. Most of the nightlife are sponsored by the fraternities on campus. If you are over 21, then you can also enjoy some of the older parties in most bars and pubs around town. People have mentioned how every party is only walkingdistancefrom each other, and that transportation doesn’t seem to be an issue. Perfect for when you had about seven shots of rum and you don’t want to cause an auto accident. Football and Basketball seem to rule this place. Most of the students in Bucknell play a certain sport, but it isnota huge part of campus life.

Mascot: The mascot is Bucky the Bison, a huge brown Bison that has his own Facebook page.

Party Grade: C

Undergrads: 3,500

Guys: 48%

Girls: 52%

Greek Life: Yes, Greek life at Bucknell has been active for about 150 years. Most fraternities and sororities are open to everyone, giving the student body an opportunity to join and make new friends.

Bars/Hangouts at Bucknell:

The Bull Run Inn is one of the few places where students can grab a couple of beers in this small town.

Town Tavern

Big Andy’s Bar and Grill is another place where you can grab some food and unwind.

Last but not least, Puirseil’s Irish Bar, located on Market Street in Lewisburg, is the closest bar to the campus.

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