Buzzfeed Ranks the Smartest Party Schools in the Nation

We are proud to announce, that Buzzfeed recently combined Fiesta Frog’s “Top 100 Schools To Party At” with Forbes‘ “America’s Top Colleges”, to rank The Smartest Party Schools In The Country. Theawesomeimage below, is a graph they created to illustrate where the different school fall, with regards to Academic ranking and Party School ranking.
Yesterday, they released the list of the “Elite 10 Smart Party Schools“. These colleges and Universities, can boast a rich Academic setting and a vibrant social scene. Their list might be a huge recruiting pitch to perspective students, on par with “The Colbert Bump”, it is SpringSemesterafter-all! This information is sure to be fresh in students’ minds as they go on re-visits and receive acceptance letters. Brobible also included the Fiesta Frog rankings in their BroBible Party School Index, which is cool because they are legends in the college party game.
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