Canadian Shark Tank Contestant Asks for $100k to Buy a “Shit Load” of Cocaine

A contestant on the Canadian version of Shark Tank, called Dragon’s Den, asked for $100k as an investment int his budding cocaine business. Usually, contestants appear on the show with a presentation ready to for a substantial amount of cash to boost their business. Peter Begley, 36, showed up with any type of business plan. When asked about his business plan, he showed the Dragons  “a big bag of white powder and just announced that he wanted the hundred thousand pounds to purchase a substantial amount of cocaine.”

He let the dragons know that they could expect a 200% return on the investment in about six weeks, because his cocaine was special! One of the many names he gave for the product was “powdered cum of the gods”. Most of the investors shut him down because they opposed the idea of investing in a cocaine business, except for Duncan Bannatyne, who reportedly declined the offer after being told that he couldn’t receive the 400% return he would demand.

Begley was later arrested  for possession of a class A drug. Seems like the plan completely backfired and there are probably a few angry drug dealers looking for him as well.