Cards Against Humanity: The Drinking Game You’re Missing Out On

While the two are not directly related, Cards Against Humanity is the twisted spin-off of the infamous and well-loved Apples to Apples. During my latter years of high school, Apples to Apples was the “made for everyone” card game that my friends and I turned into a drinking game. Hell, I remember some nights where those games got intense! I grew out of Apples to Apples once I became a college student, as this game was replaced with typical drinking games seen in college (beer pong, corn hole, asshole, bullshit, etc.), making my beloved high school antics a thing of the past. However, that all changed at the beginning of this summer.

Cards against humanity

Cards Against Humanity, otherwise known as “a party game for horrible people,” is the best thing since sliced bread (that’s up for grabs). I played it at a friends house about two months ago (coupled with some good old summertime day drinking) and have been chomping at the bit ever since. I just purchased my own set over the weekend, and yes, I am psyched! (A little too excited, some would say.)

Let’s break it down so I can convince you to purchase this game and wow your friends at your next rendezvous. First and foremost, you MUST have a sense of humor to play this game. I do not recommend bringing this game around friends who are offended by off-colored jokes. The success of this game largely depends on your company – you are warned (I also can’t handle that type of responsibility). It also helps to play with as many people as possible to guarantee immense laughter and meddle with personalities. The game specifically recommends 4-20+ players.

The basic rules, and how you can incorporate drinking into the mix, are as follows:

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