Casual Sex and Gender Equality: Can You Have Both?

Is There Sexual Equality?Gender equality and Sexual Equality Fiesta Frog

The past generations, those people we always hear saying “back in my day,” seem to have a lot of opinions in regards to how the current college students handle their sex lives. They always complain about how it is so terrible that women in our generation are engaging in sex with no promise or even interest in a relationship. This is completely hypocritical when you look at it as a form of equal gender rights. Everyone wants equality among men and women but in regards to sex, a woman is a slut if she has sex with a friend while it is normal for a man to toss “it” in any woman he wants.

If you want equality, sexuality is an important aspect to be mindful of. Sex plays a major role in every aspect of our lives including work. If a woman can think like a man and look like a lady, she excels majorly both in school and in the work place for the fact that she knows what a man is thinking and knows how to show it off (literally). Does this make her a hussy? Not by my definition. Men play games and snake around the business world with higher pay and thoughts of superiority tow

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