Celebrities & Their Cocktail Counterparts

Do you spy someone and see their sippable sister? Or perhaps down a drink and determine it’s dude duplicate? No?

Well in the mind of “blackout blonde”, celebrities and alcohol are among the mainwavesofthought, so of course eventually assigning notable celebrities with their respectable “matching” beverages would be a thing! Read along and I think you will agree with these spot-on similarities!

Amanda Bynes & 4 Loko

It’s safe to say this child-star turned ratchet media generator would most definitely be matched with the alcoholic drink the Federal government banned in 2010. Celeb bloggers and media personalities alike say this 90’s star should toobebanned, from Twitter that is. Hopefully Amanda was sipping this sweet syrup while she was tweeting out offensive comments, calling everyone from the President to rapper Drake “ugly”. At just $3.00 a canthis

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