Charles Ramsey gets Songified | When an Internet Sensataion is Born

By now, just about all of you have heard/seen the newest internet sensation, Charles Ramsey. You know, the guy, the hero who can be accredited for the rescue of the three Ohio women held captive for morethana decade (link to original interview here). Well, just like many local news interviewees who had achieved internet stardom in the past (Antoine Dodson, Sweet Brown, Kai, etc). Charles Ramsey is now the newest member amongst an exclusive group of viral sensations. Granted, each group member has a different story. However, they all have one thing in common; auto tune. That’s right, you know you’vemadeit once your “interview” has been songified by Schmoyoho, and Ramsey has achieved just that. 

How long will Charles Ramsey’s moment of “fame” last for?

Even though internet phenoms are only destined for a quick 15 minutes of fame, someone suggested that Charles Ramsey and Kai, “the hatchet wielding hitchhiker”, should team up and fight crime together. Believe it or not, that sounds like the plot for yet another terrible truTV “reality” show… With that being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if some desperate network picks it up.



On the other hand, if the whole crime fighting thing doesn’t work out for the duo, there’s always a chance that Charles Ramsey could be the stunt double for Eddie Murphey’s character ‘Clerance’ (if there should ever be a sequel to ‘Coming to America‘). So, to answer my own question, I’ll give this whole Charles Ramsey saga about 17 minutes of fame.





Question of the day: If a person’s actions and/or personality is the cause for an interview to go viral, do you think people are laughing with the individual, or laughing at them?

-Keith Morgan