Cheating: 13 Ways College Professors Catch / Prevent It!!!

Here are some of the ways college professors either prevent or catch cheating students.

Checking hands as students come in for an exam. Sometimes casually with a handshake.

cheating, catch, students, professor

Thomas Moore College in Belgium is experimenting with using remote controlled UAV to catch students cheating on their tests


Banning electronic devices from the exam room. Making sure they’re turned off as students enter.

cheating, catch, students, professor

Placing all backpacks in one part of the exam room.

cheating, catch, students, professor

New technology such as text-matching software, webcams, and biometric equipment!


The University of Central Florida has “Las Vegas casino-style” anti-cheating cameras.


Checking student ids, to prevent impostors who fill in for other students during an exam.


Walking around the exam room themselves, to prevent covert communication.


Using web services to check for plagiarism.

cheating, catch, students, professor

Creating new tests to avoid the possibility of old tests being passed down, or answers posted online.


Creating multiple (2 or 3) versions of tests, without announcing it, and alternating distribution in the exam room by rows or columns.

Standardized Test Multiple Choice

Having students explain their work on a test or exam. This allows students to use whatever study materials they want, but explaining their reasoning, indicates whether they understand the concepts or not.


Students at Thailand’s Kasetsart University once fashioned homemade blinders to block out potential cheaters.


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