Chicago Bar Specials

chicago bar specialsBeing from Chicago has a lot to do with allegiances. From whether you are a White Sox fan, or if you decide to root for the Cubs. To the decision of whether you’re a city person, or if you need people to know exactly which suburb you hail from. People from Chicago are very proud. This often extends right into which bar you go to. Most Sox fans would hate to be cooped up in a bar with a group of Cubs fans. Of course, there are many bars available to the average patron, but there is always something to be said for finding a good deal.

Being able to find good Chicago bar specials is honestly, not all that difficult, if you have lived there your whole life and you know lots of people. It becomes much harder to find out what areas you should frequent, and which bars have the best specials when you are just visiting or are new to the area. There are many bars in Chicago which offer specials like two for one drinks or beer and a shot specials. Though these bars may be numerous, they do not all advertise these specials which means that only regulars would know about the specials going on there.

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