Chicago House Parties

Chicago House PartyThere is no event as memorable as good Chicago house parties, especially when Chicago is
your home! Most people spend years after college recalling and retelling events from nights
that have long past. They tell their grandchildren about how much fun they managed to have
while fighting off the urge to sleep for just “one more hour”, in favor of keeping a fun party
going. House parties are directly tied to some of the most enjoyable moments in many
people’s lives. As we become a little bit older, we begin to feel like maybe we’re just a little
“too cool” to be attending such events. We shun a house party invitation from a friend and
instead find ourselves out with random people at nightclubs, bars, and concerts.
There is nothing wrong with enjoying all the other night life activities which Chicago
has to offer, but there is something unmistakably unique about going to a house party in this
city. Chicagoans definitely enjoy sports themed parties, foam parties, and anything that
allows people to dress up and enjoy themselves. One of the most enjoyable Chicago house
parties I have been to was a “Famous Chicago Movies” themed party, c

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