Chicago Nightlife

Chicago has long been a mecca of the nightlife industry. Since the early days of Prohibition when Speakeasies popped up all over this great city. When one thinks of Chicago nightlife it is hard not toimaginesaxophones and trumpets blaring, while showgirls do their best to sing over the raucous crowds in a smoke-filled room. It may have been quite a while since this depiction of Chicago nightlife was accurate, nevertheless, this is the reputation that has been earned. Chicago is a city of big-talking, taking big actions, and constantly staying ahead of the curve. It is as true today as itwasin the 1920s. The real difference between that time and today? In this day and age, the party no longer has to be a secret!

The Chicago nightlife industries are once again booming. There is a great selection of activities to enjoy on any given Chicago night. You can head to any of the bars downtown to have a drink, and catch a game…I’ll leave choosing a team up to you! You can decide that you want to do a little dancing, so you head to Vision, Excalibur, or one of the other exciting night clubs Chicago has to offer. You do not even need to go out, you can have a great time at home, whether you decide to throw a full-fledged house party or if you just decide to spend the night in and invite a few friends over. There is always something to do in Chicago. can help you find Chicago Nightlife.

<strong id=”internal-source-marker_0.9927595665212721″>The obvious question then; if there is always something to do…How do I find it? Luckily, that question has gotten easier to answer in recent months. If your are looking to find Chicago Nightlife activities in Chicago, you can easily sign-up to On this website you create a profile to sign-in with, after that the entire city is at your disposal. After you have a profile, you can simply punch in your zip code and the city comes to life! You gain access to information on not just club events and concerts, but you also get updated when your friends are throwing house parties or simply heading out to a local bar during happy hour. With the combined strengths of, your friends, and your own effort there should not be any more nights where you do not know; what’s going on tonight?