Is This Chick 400k Hot? She’s Auctioning Her Virginity for That Much

Meet Elizabeth Raine, she’s a 27 year old med student that want’s you to buy her virginity, and hopes to net  six figures from selling it–$400,000 to be exact.

Eww, who wants that? A 27 year old virgin doesn’t really seem like the sex fantasy someone playing Vagina Monopoly is gonna buy. If some Daddy Warbucks out there is about to separate $400k from his ex-wife’s alimony check, he’s looking to get SERIOUSLY CREEPY with it.He’s gonna be trying to bag a Hustler fantasy, barely legal chick with limited self-esteem and daddy issues. Not some almost-30 woman that’s probably made one too many Catholic compromises at this point in her life! I don’t have the bankroll to bid on something like that, but I wouldn’t be trying to buy virginity from a grad student when there’s, probably, plenty of girls struggling through paying off their BA at the local strip club.

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If you’re gonna sell your virginity over the age of 22, your face should be at least an 8. This chick is OK, but she falls short of that standard. She looks like Gwenyth Paltrow during the Hard Eight hotel scene, not a compliment. Personally, I think the internet should make a deal that NO ONE SHOULD BID ON IT, and the dude who does, finally, take her virginity can post the date receipt to Instagram.

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That way we can all see what it was really worth. I can see the caption now, “Got it in, for  #dollarmenu #fries and a #mcchicken.”

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