First Grader Brings Grandma’s Heroin to School

heroin school 2A child in Chester county, which is just outside of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, is reported to have brought his grandmother’s bags of heroin to school with him. The seven year old first grader initially said he found the nine baggies of heroin in the schoolyard, but later admitted to finding the drugs in his grandparents house by the washing machine.

The grandmother, Pauline Bilinski-Munion, is facing child endagerment and drug charges after she lost track of her heroin while babysitting the child last Thursday. Bilinksi-Munion said that she is a heroin user, but said that she actually found  the  heroin baggies outside of her house. She also said that she decided she would hang onto them “in case of an emergency” instead of reporting her find to the police.

Prosecutors have alleged that Bilinski-Munion’s grandson actually distributed the heroin at school to another child. The Philadelphia Daily News stated that the “Coatesville Area School District told parents that a “dangerous and illegal” substance was found in the grass and parents should check to see if their children had any. The district didn’t notify prosecutors, who learned about the heroin from media reports.”

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