Chris Paul Summons His Inner Blake Griffin to Posterize Kevin Hart Poolside

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Chris Paul helps his buddy Kevin Hart celebrate the release of his new movie by dunking on him poolside.

Kevin Hart, why’d you agree to this? I get that the rim is lower, and maybe you thought “He’s one of the smaller guys in the NBA. I might be able to actually block this!” But Chris Paul is a WORLD CLASS ATHLETE…you know, the kind that has Olympic gold medals and dominates games against EVEN BIGGER world class athletes. Sure the risk of getting blocked does exist, it would be pretty embarrassing for CP3, but who believed that was gonna happen? No one.

Does anyone else remember when he did this to Dwight Howard?

You do now. Besides, Kevin Hart is small for a HUMAN. CP3 may not do this in the NBA very often, but poolside on a shorter rim…get the sharpies out, it’s a poster!

I love the reaction from Hendrix. That’s how you

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