What Christmas Presents to get Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

As much as you may enjoy the receiving end of it, Christmas is suppose to be the time for giving. Furthermore, one thing you don’t want to be known as is the shitty gift giver. Granted, getting your girlfriend a custom made dildo, vodka soaked tampons and a cheap box of wine might sound like the epitome of romance. However, in doing so will probably go over about as well as if she bought the both of you boyfriend girlfriend matching sweaters. Moving on, for those of you who struggle when it comes to picking out Christmas presents, don’tworrybecause this year, we’ve got you covered.(scroll down to see Christmas present ideas for your boyfriend)

Christmas Presents for Your Girlfriend

UGG Boots:

Let’s be honest, just about every girl on campus owns a pair of UGGs. Now, assuming that your girlfriend isn’t some hipster chick who thinks UGG boots are too mainstream, you really can’t wrong with buying her a pair of these.



North Face Jacket:

Again, North Face jackets are another one of those items that are a very safe purchase when it comes to Christmas shopping.






Yoga Pants:

If you’ve gone with the UGG boots and North Face jacket combo, you might as well make it a trifecta and top the outfit off with a pair of yoga pants. Keep in mind, there is a weight limit for yoga pants. With that being said, if you’re dating a heavy chick and you don’t want her to look like a pinata bursting at the seams, then lay off the yoga pants.



Coach Purse:

If you’re looking for that one Christmas present that will secure a weeks worth of blow jobs, then buying her a Coach purse should do the trick.






New iPhone or iPad

Someone coined the phrase “keeping up with the Joneses” for a reason and Apple has most of you doing just that. Now, before you try to tell me how much better the Galaxy S III is, save it. Truthfully, unless your girlfriend works in a planetarium, chances are, she doesn’t want a fucking Galaxy.





Pedicure and Manicure Gift Card:

Apparently, guys aren’t the only ones who enjoy the gentle touch of an Asian woman’s hands. More importantly, getting rubbed, tugged, and pampered by an Asian woman is a lot cheaper than everything else on this list. Furthermore, if you’re a little short on the green this Christmas, the solution to your problem is obviously yellow.






I use to think vodka soaked tampons were a girl’s best friend, but apparently some slut named Diamond is. Regardless, Jewlery is another item you can’t go wrong with when exchanging Christmas presents.



Christmas Presents for Your Boyfriend

A Video Game:

News flash, millions of dudes play video games. Granted, some take the word nerd to a whole ‘nother level, but that’s besides the point. If you know your boyfriend has a “system” and are confident that he plays video games, then why not treat him to a new game? I know that might take away from your “quality” bonding time, but that gives you ample time to brush up on your cooking skills.

New Kicks:

Whether it’s new sneakers, boots, or dress shoes, fresh footwear is always a solid route to take.

New Threads:

This is a win-win for both you and your boyfriend. You can pick out clothes that you want him to wear, and thanks to the new outfit(s), he has more time to put off doing laundry. Everybody’s happy!!!

A New TV:

Seeing as you’re already using his Netflix account, you might as well contribute to a new TV that the both of you can enjoy.


Every dude would really enjoy tickets to go see their favorite band/team play. I don’t know if bringing you to said event is what he has in mind, but that’s his own grave that he’ll have to dig if he doesn’t. Just a little heads up to those of you thinking about going the ticket route, even if NHL tickets are dirt cheap right now, don’t buy them. The reason being, there’s a pretty good chance that there won’t even be a hockey season this year.


Obviously, if you’re boyfriend is an abusive drunk, then I wouldn’t recommend getting him booze. To be honest, I wouldn’t get the fucker anything if that was the case. On the contrary, for those of you who don’t date psychopaths, a few cases of his favorite beer and/or a few bottles of his favorite liquor wouldn’t be the worst Christmas present ever. Seriously, booze is still way better than the whole boyfriend girlfriend matching sweaters idea. One final thought, if you’re going the booze route, maybe get him a beerpong table as well. Not one of those douchey fraternity beerpong tables, but a portable one that can be brought on road trips/tailgating


An Electronic Device/Gadget:

For example, new headphones, iPad, external hard drive, ipod, video camera…. what ever he’s into, I guess.