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coastal carolina top party schools review

Coastal Carolina University

Conway, SC

Their infamous “Good Year Party”. Youtube it, and you’ll come to understand how much fun it is! Coastal Carolina is a HUGE bar school. Underage drinking barely exists down here. Endless college bars with happy hour specials as well as lavish nightclubs. Broadway in Myrtle beach is home to a bunch of bars including a Senor Frogs. The weather is wonderful and the beach is 10 minutes away.Every night is something different – Foam parties, bar hopping, Strip clubs and crazy house parties. The drug scene is also pretty out of control here. Coastal has actually made a few party headlines for their wild nightlife. The top two headlines: Being the highest STI school in the nation and ranking as number 1 party school on Barstool’s Blackout Tour. Not necessarily a sports school, unless drinking on the beach were a sport, then they’d be top 25 every year. The best piece of advice about this school? Get out of your bubble, get into a little trouble, and you should be fine!

<p dir="ltr” style=”text-align: center”>Mascot: Chanticleers

Party Grade: A-

Undergrads: 8,500

Guys: 45%

Girls: 55%

Greek Life at Coastal CarolinaUniversity: Yes, but it’s quite a small scene so it’s insignificant. Apparently it’s growing though.

Bars/Hangouts at Coastal Carolina:

Myrtle beach is ridden with bars and clubs. Whether you go to Broadway, SoHo or Boathouse, you’ll never have a dull night!

Make sure that you let us know what you think about Coastal Carolina’s party scene in the Comments section. Check out the Barstool Blackout Tour video below to see how CCU gets down!

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