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Top 100 Party Schools List – Fall 2013 List

Colgate party

Colgate University

Hamilton, NY

When you’re sequestered in Hamilton, NY and the Winter comes, you might decide it’s a good time to have a drink. If you fall into this category, you wouldn’t stand out at one of the bars or frequent Greek parties at Colgate. Although, the majority of students at this school are a little “preppy’, they don’t mind spilling some brew on their seersucker pants while having a good time. The parties at Colgate have become a bit calmer in recent years, but that doesn’t mean that this “work hard, play hard” school is turning away from it’s reputation socially or academically. The sports teams are decent, but nothing to brag about, if you decide to just know that you’re in for a long night of being the butt of many, many jokes.

<p dir=”ltr” style=”text-align: center”>Mascot: Raider

Party Grade: A-

Undergrads: 2,825

Guys: 47%

Girls: 53%

Colgate University Greek Life:

Bars/Hangouts at Colgate:

Rusch’s Bar & Grill

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