College Habits Gone Wild | College Girls Gone Wild

It is crazy that an institution literally created to “prepare” us for the real world not only harbors, but also encourages the worst freaking life habits ever. From all-nighters to “all drunkards” bad habits run rampant through college campuses near and far. Below are some of the worst acquired habits during our time in academic “life limbo”.

Circadian Nightmares: My sleeping schedule in college in no way prepared me for being awake at normalsauce hours. Waking up at 10 for class (in haggard-ass clothing moreTired-girl-resting-on-desk-300x200 times than not), taking a nice little nap at 1, and then pulling an all-nighter does not quite say, “hey guys I’m totes ready for a 9-5 job out of college”. Ironically, our high school schedules were more represe

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