College Parties

College PartyWhenever I see a movie about your “typical college party” , it always seems just a little bit crazier than I remember. In movies, of course, everything gets pushed to the extreme. College parties get bigger and bigger until finally it implodes in mayhem. Many of us would never dream of hosting a college party like this, mostly because of the clean up, but there are people out there who thrive on this kind of excitement. They love entertaining and making sure that everyone has a good time. is a type of playground for the people on both sides ofthe coin. Whether you just like attending college parties, or instead, you enjoy throwing them, there is a place for you on the website.

<pdir=”ltr”>The goal of is to get everyone in the college party community together. This way everyone can broadcast when there are college parties happening nearby. This is important to college students because many of us visit each other at our different schools, or talk trash about how one school’s big party is better than everyone elses. With this website the users can constantly keep updating their friends as to where there are college parties going on, what time the college party starts, and you can let people know when the party is over “unexpectedly” early…w

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