College Partying 101

college partyPut your fucking hands up! Put your fucking hands up! This is the college party life, but what does it take to have all those great times? Drinking, duh! But also, it couldn’t hurt to have a sick party theme at your house party, fun drinking games to get your night started, tasty mix drinks to get everyone sloshed and the best college party music to rage all night. That’s why College Party Guru is here to be your college party 101.

Theme Parties
House parties would never be the same if students never threw theme parties! Theme parties give all the girls the excuse to dress up sexy and slutty, while these parties are the necessity that forces guys to dress up for a change. Whether you decided to throw a Anything But Clothes (ABC) Party or a Yoga Hoes and Workout Bros party you’re sure to have a sick time. Check out our over 80+ theme party ideas before throwing your next house party!

Drinking Games
Who doesn’t like a good game of Beer Pong, Flip Cup or Kings Cup? No matter if you are throwing a big house party or just a kickback; drinking games are essential for every good party.

A good drinking game brings all your friends together to have fun competing in drunken amusement. Check out our 50+ drinking game ideas before going to your next college party.

Mixed Drink Recipes
Isn’t the whole point of partying in college to get drunk?! Well or to have “fun” as some people would say it but aren’t those two one in the same? At college parties generally all you need is a keg or a couple of 30 racks but everyone enjoys a tasty mixed drink too. Hard Lemonade and Swamp Frog are perfect for those big parties on a college budget; you can find their recipes on our grain alcohol mixed drink page.

Music Playlists
Think about it for a second, what would a party be without music? The right music can make or break any good kickback or house party. Without music there would just be the roar of voices, awkward silence and no dancing. You don’t want that! Start with some good pregame music, move into some current popular hip-hop songs and then get the dance party started with the electro and house music. Check out our party playlists that have you covered for every occasion!