College Professor Films Male Students Using Bathroom at Parties, Facing 15 Counts Invasion of Privacy

As if going to your professor’s house wasn’t awkward enough, an accounting professor at San Francisco State and San Francisco University, figured out a way to turn the creep factor WAY UP.

Mark Landis, 38, decided it would be okay to film his male students as they used the bathroom at his house! He quit his job two weeks ago when the allegations came out, but has already been released on bail ($100k) after being arrested on 15 counts of invasion of privacy.

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One of his students, anonymously,  commented on Landis during an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle saying that they “basically hung out every single weekend for about two years, and we always hung out at his house because he always had a lot of alcohol.”

That doesn’t sound like the relationship between a professor and students…that’s how you describe that kid from high school that no one really liked but their parents let them throw parties while they were away, so everyone just faked it until college.

The student went on, “He was just the person that would host, and it was a safe place to go to,” of course he was. He figured out a way to leverage being a professor while tapping into bro-culture. He realized that he had the perfect lure for any college student; a place, absent of your parents, with free alcohol and a party where you don’t have to clean up or fear of getting in any actual trouble aka college in general. Except this place happened to come with a pervy 38 year old that wanted to see coeds go number 1…or number 2. Only, the Neverland Ranch was a better trap, but that’s cause it came with live entertainment and petting zoo! Then again, these students are adults, and probably should’ve caught the HUGE red flag: Your professor wants to throw parties every week.

If you ever describe your professor’s house as a “hub” of your social scene, you might have a problem. What do you think life is a Will Ferrell movie?! No wonder neither school cracked this year’s top 100 party schools.