[VIDEO] University of Manchester Collge Student Gets Too Drunk, Friends Trap Him In Garbage Bin

It was a rough first 24-hours for Robin Nieven, a University of Manchester Freshman. It’s pretty common for freshmen to get drunk during orientation, at any college, but it usually doesn’t end with the fire department having to release you from a trash bin. According to the Daily News, Nieven put himself in the garbage bin (probably after being egged on by his friends) but once he was inside, his friends began kicking the garbage can. After a few kicks the door became jammed, and their friend was left drunk and trapped. The video below show’s the arrival of the fire department, his friends laughing at him, and eventually his victorious release from his garbage can prison. He doesn’t seem too shaken up when he gets out of the trash, and he thanks the firemen for helping him escape. Maybe, he was in there thinking that if he could hold out just a few more hours, then James Franco would star in a movie about his entrapment.