Community College: Being Social Will Benefit Your Career

There are many instances where community college students feel isolated and spite the fact that some community colleges feel very similar to high school. Since many of the students who attend community colleges hold jobs and have other at home responsibilities it is hard for these students to fully embrace the academic institution. Right after class students are already on their way out to the parking lots in search of their cars. Some students are always on a tight schedule when dealing with work and school and they lead fast paced lives. If you are a full time student then you are much luckier than your colleagues who devote time out of their life to work. If you are that lucky student you probably find yourself unoccupied in-between classes or find the weekends uneventful. If this is the case, there are things in which you can do that will turn your social life into something worth talking about and at the same time you could build an entire network of references which could lead to potential job opportunities.

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If you are at community college only to meet general education requirements and are eager to leave as soon as possible, it is recommendedthat you join a club. You should get involved in a club that falls under your major. This will increase your understanding of your declared major and you will get a feel of what it is like working with people under the same line of work. Club activities provide you with great opportunities to meet new people, potentially giving you the opportunity to polish your networking skills. Club activities will give you a taste of what type of work you will be involved with later down the road. Depending which club you are involved with, colleges will look at your involvement with that club and will think positively of it when it’s time to transfer.

If you are at community college to earn an associate’s degree or seek a certificate of skill, you should look into creating a network of friends that share the same path of career as you do. By doing this you are not only making friends, but you are also creating a list of all of colleagues and acquaintances you have met and have personal ties to. This is important to have especially when you have hard times finding work. Since most companies hire through employee referrals your long list of contacts could potentially land you a job. Now-a-days it does not matter what you know it matters about who you know. As cliché as that sounds, that is an accurate description of today’s qualification of the hiring process.