Dancing / Grind with a Girl at a Party | Tutorial

I know first hand it can be an embarassing thought to try and dance with a girl at a party… especially a sexy one. The truth is, it isn’t as hard as you would think. What you need to do is scopeout your prey and make sure you “attack at the right moment”. Girls love confidence and good hygiene, so don’t stink or look like a pussy lol. Don’t say too much either. Just dance – and dance to the best of your ability. SHOW HER WHAT YOU’VE GOT! Here are some simple to follow tips:

1) Be aggressive, but not a creepy

2) Scope her out, show her you are interested but don’t be a stalker

3) Dance behind her and grind, but don’t catch a boner, or you will look like a fiend (Ie: a major creep)

4) Put some gum in your mouth if you are going to talk , bad breath is a turn off

5) Wait a song or two, wait for a passionate dance before you think about kissing her

6) Don’t whisper sexual things in her ear man! Thats creepy, wait until you take her home!

7) DO NOT FEEL HER UP UNLESS YOU KNOW YOU CAN! Use your man sensedude.Startatthetop and work your way down!

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