Dark Drinks For Newbies

Try A Dark Drink

There are times when beer can become boring. I know it’s hard to believe, but that 30-rack of Keystone Ice in your fridge is not the pinnacle of alcoholic beverage choices/options. Ifyouwanta real drinking experience, you have to try dark drinks. Dark liquor is a little different from Vodka and the other light sided drinks in the fact that dark booze can get you naked, robbed and get you back with your ex all in one night. Although they have been called childish “rapper” drinks by some, dark drinks offer character and distiguishment to the liquor world. Herearea few that might consider drinking with Kanye or Snoop (or your friend who raps on a computer mic).

Hennessy Dark Drinks For Newbies Fiesta Frog Hennessey

Ain’t nothing better than some Hen-dog. When it comes to dark liquor this is the gold standard. You can’t mention dark drinks and not bring up Hennessey in some capacity. The drink is very bold and opens with a sweet wood-like aroma. A lot of people give Mr. Hen-Hen a bad rep because it usually attracts a much older, grouchy audience. However, these days the young “kids” are taking a liking to it. Although it can take you to pretty high levels of inebriation, it isn’t a drink that will creep on you ( you know how some drinks give you: Surprise! You’re drunk!).

Remy Martin Dark Drinks For Newbies Fiesta FrogRemy Martin

The bottle itself is sexier than the female rapper Remy Ma of Terror Squad (If you haven’t heard of her, don’t worry—a bottle is sexier than her). Remy, as it iso

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