Dave Wilson Pulls Off World’s First Political Catfish! White Republican Pretends To Be Black, Wins Election!




The man in the pictured above pretended to be a black man during his campaign, and managed to win his local election! His name is Dave Wilson, and he was recently elected to the Houston Community College Board of Trustees. By winning the election, Wilson has defeated the 24-year incumbent, a man named, Bruce Austin. I’m thinking the same thing; “So he basically Catfished an election?” I’mt not even joking, this story seems like it’s a lost episode from the Netflix Arrested Development season.

Dave Wilson Pretends to Be Black Wins Election

How did he do it?

According to a local Texas news station, “Wilson decorated direct mail pieces with pictures of African-American faces that he pulled from the Internet. He captioned his fliers with the words “Please vote for our friend and neighbor Dave Wilson.”

Ron Wilson

He also, told people that he was “Endorsed By Ron Wilson.

Most people thought he meant the man above, former state representative Ron Wilson. In actuality, he was endorsed by his cousin Ron. Which anyone could have found out, had they read the fine print.

Check out one of Wilson’s Mailers! It’s okay Houston, no one else reads the fine print with politicians either.

Dave Wilson Campaign AD