Day Drinking: What To Expect

As far as college partying goes, nothing beats waking up at the crack of dawn and cracking your first beer of the long drinking day ahead of you. It’s funny: waking up for class after sleeping a full ten hours is a nearly impossible feat, yet, to day drink, you’re showered, dressed and drunk well before your alarm even goes off.

The music usually starts at 7 AM sharp and wakes all your neighbors by 9. Guys usually spend these first two hours drinking beer like it’s a competition – funneling, shot gunning, dizzy bat, and other drinking games. Girls, on the other hand, spend this time ‘getting ready’, drinking a few beers as they paint on their faces. No guy has to think twice about his outfit – shorts, sneakers or top siders, pinny or cut-off t-shirt, and shades. After a couple hours of combative beer drinking and other testosterone-driven shenanigans, one of the drunken male buffoons of the group yells, “SHOTS!”, which elicits cheers of elation as everyone assumes their positions.

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By 11 AM the first wave of girls come by. They barge in, almost skip the greetings and get right down to business, inquiring about your hard alcohol sources. These girls made your house their first stop of the day for a reason: the old ‘sip and dip’. By now, all the guys are at least a few shots and several beers deep hence don’t even mind getting duped out of their alcohol. Most of the fellas obliviously join the con-ladies in consumption while a few sly dogs try to set up trysts for later on.

By 1 PM, you’re hanging out with the fourth wave of girls of the day, along with a few stragglers from previous groups. At this point, things have settled and everyone is pretty drunk. Some people are discussing another liquor run, other

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