Partygoers Clash With Police As Deltopia Re-enacts Project X

According to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office, 44 people were taken to the hospital with injuries, and more than 100 people were arrested during Deltopia 2014. The annual Spring break party in Isla Vista, near UCSB’s campus, attracted over 15,000 people this year. The event was eventually shut down by local police, which resulted in a violent reaction from a portion of the attendants.

According to multiple sources, the violence began once a UC Santa Barbara police officer was hit in the face with a backpack full of bottles. Things escalated and partygoers began “began throwing rocks, bricks and bottles at officers, lighting fires and damaging law enforcement vehicles.” Many of these events were caught on Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram. At least one officer was hit in the face with a brick. Police used used tear gas, pepper spray, flash-bang grenades and foam projectiles to disperse the crowd.

Disappointed? Maybe, but you gotta love the #RiotSelfie !


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