Denver Car Rental Agency Overloaded with Marijuana Left in Cars by Customers

weed in rental carCar rental agencies located  near Denver International Airport have been overloaded with marijuana left in the cars by customers. It seems like the renters were either too high to remember that they had more weed left to smoke or just too paranoid to try  to get the trees past the TSA. Instead of leaving the weed  in the cars for the new  renters, it seems like the car rental workers have been committing an atrocity:

“It happens quite often,” a rental car employee at a national chain said. “Every couple of days. I just throw it in the trash.”

An employee at a different rental agency said, “It happens pretty often. More during the weekends. Probably like four times a day. Me, I just throw it away. I don’t know about the others.”

Me? I’d smoke that shit! Throw it away?! Weed doesn’t grow on trees…or does it? There are children  in Africa … actually there’s weed a plenty in Africa. Well, there’s me, dry for a few hours before my delivery guy can swing by my apartment. Think  of  all the potheads that can’t find weed before throwing that green goodness out!

It seems like the Denver International Airport encourages throwing out weed too. “We want them to discard it peacefully and carry on with their trip. When you travel and go home,” said a DIA spokesman. “You can’t take it with you.” I guess that’s better than giving  them a citation. However, this statement just makes it more obvious that  you should not leave leftover weed in the rental. It will get thrown away. Try to bring it home. You’ll have a chance of  getting it passed the guards, and if they do catch you, the sweet sweet Mary Jane will just have the same fate as it would if you left it in your rental.

Stay high, my friends. Mile High.